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6 Months In

They say life is rollercoaster..... and boy they weren't joking! I am 6 months in to my business and it has been one of THE MOST thrilling rides I have ever been on. I thought I'd share some highlights with you......

My first month was dedicated to training. Keller Williams set you up for success with some of the best training sessions I have ever known, not to mention incredible models and systems to support you. I layered into that, reading as much as I could from books to blogs to web info; and of course getting to know the agents around me - no mean feat in a pandemic and made harder by Lockdowns. I went out with a few of them on appointments to get a feel for the various styles of working and how I could deliver that for myself in my brand. This really was invaluable in itself.

I had my first listing in the bag at the start of December which went live 2 days before Xmas - possibly the best present I could have asked for; and so my journey began. This listing was a beautiful Victorian Terrace, and I absolutely loved showing potential buyers around it and sharing the beautiful features it held. It was however, a very strange affair as we were masked, gloved and anti-bac'd, I was having to be really confident in my body language whilst perfecting the art of conversation via my eyebrows! Presenting the first offer to my client made me very emotional, but I haven't looked back!

February brought with it a new challenge - joint agency. It's a funny thing looking at it from the other side now. I believed previously that more agents meant more viewers and more exposure. It turns out I was wrong! It can get lost, it can look desperate if not executed properly and doesn't drive more viewers necessarily. I learned that lesson very quickly, and moved to being the sole agent; and that resulted in a very happy ending! Ding Ding Sale 2!

March and April were quiet on the Sales front, however I did have a Letting go on which was a whole different game to Sales. Needless to say I have learnt a lot from going through the process, and have realised the power of KW Move and absolutely respect the knowledge that they have in supporting the agents with Lettings. Who knew that there were over 150 pieces of Legislation!!!

I cannot wait to welcome the tenant into their beautiful new home this month.

I think it is fair to say that my business exploded into life in May! I am very grateful to all of the clients who took the time to talk to me about their challenges and frustrations, and I am delighted to have been able to support them on their property journey - from tenant property finds, to investor support, to taking on properties as a 2nd (and sole) agent. My results have been incredible, if I might say so myself, with one flat selling in 18 days and another in 2 days!

Now you are probably sat there thinking what magic potion does Louise have hidden up her sleeve? It's not magic - it's honesty and emotion. Buying a home is the most expensive thing that we do in our lives, and yet buyers spend 10mins looking at it before saying yes to the address! Not on my patch! There is a half hour booked in to ensure my clients can take their time and not feel under any pressure. I ask them about their hopes and dreams for their purchase, we talk about their lifestyle, we talk about how they can work the space to match it. I see myself as a Home Matchmaker. There is a property for everyone, and by taking the time to get to know the clients you can help them find it. I have even received reviews on my business page as clients have been so pleased with the experience.

Digitally Enhanced with Furniture by the amazing Peek360

So I will take all the positive learns and feedback and make the business even better going into the next 6 months. I cannot wait to matchmake more homes, and watch people's dreams come alive. There is something very special about the job that I get to do every day. It's so special it doesn't even feel like I'm working!

For the love of Real Estate, until next time x

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